Property Management

At Peter Mitchell Property Management we have a reputation for solid, dependable and hassle free solutions for our clients. We achieve our objective of maximum client satisfaction through:

•    Personal interaction and service
•    Rigorous tenant selection
•    Efficient intervention
•    Clear communication
•    Value for money

We believe building relationships with our clients and tenants enhances our communication and co operation with all parties, it makes doing business far smoother! We encourage face to face personal interaction and we believe this helps all parties understand one another and gain the best outcomes.

We believe helping you maintain a profitable real-estate investment strategy starts with great tenant selection. Our rigorous selection criteria and strong ties with the local community help us find the best tenants for your property.

Our focus on high quality service can be seen in our fast efficient communication, and our accurate, sensible interventions for repairs and maintenance.  After all, keeping your property in good running order, leads to long and profitable tenant relationships.

When you rent your property through us we provide you with the maximum peace of mind. Our clear communication and high quality services mean you can just about set and forget your property. After all, isn’t creating a hassle free income stream what property investing is all about!

We are not a cut price agent. We feel our fee structure is a positive strength of the business, allowing us to offer superior customer service, outstanding tenant selection and clear expedient communication. With our clients property business running smoothly they are able to focus on their other objectives without the property impacting on their productivity.

We feel this anecdote describes how value for money works in many industries.
Jim the Barber had been in business for many years offering great haircuts for $21, one day another barber opened up across the road offering cheap haircuts for $6. In response Jim simply put a sign up in his window advertising “Now fixing $6 haircuts”……

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