How many properties do you currently manage?
•    Over 350 properties are on our books.

In the event no one is in the property what methods will you use to attract tenants?
•    We always advertise every property on the internet. Occasionally in the newspaper and have a rental list in the office.

What is the full cost of management?
•    Full cost is 8% + G.S.T per month. First weeks rent is payable when property is first leased, thereafter ½ weeks rent for each new tenancy. $3.00 per month sundry fees to cover stationary and postage. $11.00 (once a year) for financial year report. $33.00 Document Preparation Fee for each new tenancy.

How many inspections a year do you carry out?
•    We do 2 inspections per year plus any in and out inspections. We also get good feedback from our tradesmen who report back to the office if the property is not well kept.

How do you monitor the tenant care of the premises?
•    It starts with careful tenant selection in conjunction with the owner, in addition to the inspections we do.

What is the vacancy rate currently across your entire rent roll?
•    Our vacancy rate has been very stable and is around 1.15% – 2.2% (or around 4 – 7 properties vacant at one given time. Of course this can change given the economic climate.)

Have you had any past complaints from other owners?
•    Only one (1) in 20 years. It was over a repair to locks on the property which I deemed to be wear and tear, the owner thought otherwise. I offered to reimburse her but she refused, so I asked her to leave my office.

What can you do for us that another property manager can’t?
•    Longevity and a happy office. Local knowledge means the difference between an average property manager and an efficient property manager that gets good results.

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